The List by Patricia Forde

Thanks to Sourcebooks Jabberwocky and Netgalley for a digital galley of this book for review - all opinions are my own. This story takes place post-Melting. Drastic climate change led to the melting of the polar ice caps. Letta, the main protagonist, lives in the city of Ark. Life in the Ark is restricted. There are … Continue reading The List by Patricia Forde


5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior

The Five Worlds are on the brink of extinction. Three unlikely heroes, a clumsy dancer, a boy from the poorest slums, and a superstar athlete, must team up and use their undiscovered abilities to help save the worlds from the forces of evil. Dive into the 5 Worlds and enjoy this epic journey to save … Continue reading 5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior