Real Friends1

Let me share a little bit of truth with you. Friendships aren’t always easy; they’re a constant journey of ups and downs. Sometimes you think you’ll be forever friends with your BFF. But sometimes your BFF can leave you to be friends with someone else. Sometimes you can belong to a group of friends who accepts you for who you are. But sometimes you can be part of a group that doesn’t always want you there. It’s tough trying to stay true to yourself when all you feel like is an outcast and think you need to change. I’ll let you in on another secret, though. You deserve to have real friends, the kinds who will treat you right and see how incredibly awesome you are.

Real Friends by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel memoir that captures the emotional roller coaster of friendship. This book is filled with funny laugh out loud moments and sad break your heart type of moments. It is an important reminder that friends can come and go but you should always stand up for yourself and be happy with who you are!

Verdict: This book should be read by every tween. It is so honest and real. Every reader will be able to see themselves in one of the characters. Real Friends is one of those books you’ll want to pick up and read over and over again!


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