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Three different kids. Three different periods in history. All with one mission in common: escape.

Alan Gratz masterfully weaves together three refugee stories in this engaging and important historical fiction novel. Josef is escaping Nazi Germany in the 1930s, Isabel is leaving Fidel Casto’s Cuba in 1994, and Mahmoud is fleeing Syria’s civil war in 2015. Although these characters are separated by time and place, surprising connections tie their stories together.

This book will tug at your heart. It is an honest and eye opening account of the refugee’s plight. Their struggle for freedom, their dangerous journeys to safety, and their strength and determination to persevere. I cannot fully express how important it is that you read this book. You must hear their stories. You must experience their heartaches, triumphs, and glimmers of hope. You must learn about their lives and struggles. But don’t stop there. Go out and do something about it. The author provides information on how you can help refugee children worldwide.

Refugee by Alan Gratz is an absolute must read. Seriously, go to your library or local bookstore and get your hands on a copy today.

If you are a fan of Ruta Sepetys’s Salt to the Sea, then you will definitely love Alan Gratz’s Refugee.




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